Jeffrie Trika, You cannot disparage LGBT people and expect not to be challenged

Tue 17 Jan 2012

Further to my previous post (An Australian Open Letter to Margaret Court), and reports of peaceful wearing of rainbow colours at the Australian Open, Margaret Court’s un-Christ-like supporters continue to demonstrate their hateful and dangerous language.

One such example comes from Jeffrie Trika, owner of a Kew, Vic. travel agency.  Jeffrie posted the following comment in several places around the internet, including

When these homosexual activist have lived and played with HONOR, a championed life, then they are entitled to make a statement, however while you are living with dis-honor, perverted behaviour, please keep your mouth shut and don’t tell the 98% of population about marriage & family….. shame shame shame.

After I had seen it the third time, I knew that such language could not go unchallenged.

G’day Jeffrie Trika,

I see you and I have many things in common; both heterosexual; happily married (in my case 35 years); with children (in my case 3 adult sons); we both run our own businesses; we even share a connection on Linked-In.  I’m guessing that, in your estimation, this makes me “entitled to make a statement”.

I see no place in Australian society for discrimination.  Those who discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation are just as evil as those who would discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, religion or eye colour.

I won’t be keeping my mouth shut.

Cheers — Mike

A robust discussion ensued.  Click on the image to see a summary, or follow the full discussion at

Some of my key comments…

Jeffrie, clearly we are not going to agree.
I think that what you are saying is hurtful and dangerous.
My only hope is that you have learned tonight that my opinions are held by many more Australians like me; not just those who, in your words, are “living with dis-honor, perverted behaviour”.

… and after Jeffrie trotted out the “it’s a disease that must be cured” line…

It’s not a disease. It’s not something to be “cured”.  And even if it was, would you use the language that you used in your opening comment against someone with bipolar disorder?  Hepatitis?  Leprosy?

Finally, the craziness reached a crescendo when Donny McGregor, a “so-called Christian” pastor from Generation Fire chimed in with “same sex attraction is … the fruit of sin. And the lifestyle is sinful.

Donny McGregor,
“the fruit of sin”? “lifestyle is sinful”? That’s exactly the sort of harmful crazy talk that sensible people, heterosexual or homosexual, will no longer accept.

Don’t let them get away with it any more, folks.

4 Responses to “Jeffrie Trika, You cannot disparage LGBT people and expect not to be challenged”

  1. Jeffrie Trika Says:

    These are the words from a former homosexual, drug addict and HIV+, trust that you’ll enlightened by it and find hope ….

  2. MikeFitz Says:

    Jeffrie, the cime here is not whether someone is lesbian, gay, drug addicted or HIV+.

    The crime is that you would use your idea of religion as a weapon to deny rights to other human beings.

  3. Xplicit Says:

    Jeffrie you a rite bro ! in the beggining of time homos were stoned to death.
    What a sick world we live that its actually accepted if thats not bad enough but now its even defended OMG. I believe in God so the same as God I dont hate the homo but we hate what they do as its wrong bottom line. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and to believe evolution WTF its not even logical or realistic. I aint hard to find and i said homos r evil disagree meet me but I always got me EAGLE from the desert 50 cal ok pal

  4. MikeFitz Says:

    G’day Mr Xplicit (with the generic gmail address),

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving this threat.

    “Yeah, Nah!”
    which is Australian for
    “I’m appraised of your position but I’m not at all inclined to agree.”

    Cheers — Mike

    PS Threatening to use a 50 cal on someone via a blog comment is pretty silly. I’m sure the police in your state (Victoria) could find out in a couple of minutes from your internet provider (TPG) who was using your IP address ( at 15:07 AEST on 2-Apr-12.

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